Zero pick thickness between fingers: experience a new picking sensation…

Pick is the media between you and your instrument.
The exclusive ZeroPik® “Fingerdrive” ergonomic hole design (Pat. Pend.) allows you to physically enter inside the pick
with your fingers and drive it across the strings with total precision and control.
A variable pick response in terms of fexibility or stiffness on impact with strings is now easily achievable by varying fingers pressure on pick itself, without losing grip on it.

• Grip and ergonomy
The exclusive “Fingerdrive” ergonomic poygonal hole ensures better grip on pick preventing it to slip or rotate between fingers,
also featuring a smooth-at-touch handling feel.

• Tone and picking accuracy
The specific polymeric synthetic resin employed provides outstanding tone connotation while
CNC precision machining and mechanical roto-vibration surface finishing shaping process ensures the best playing accuracy.

• Picks faster, lasts longer
ZeroPik® performance picks design along with low friction properties of polymeric synthetic resin material allow the pick to flow faster on strings, also reducing wear in time.