Choose the right option for your playing style!

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> standard tip – standard size – standard thickness
Maximum tone clarity and control on both acoustic and electric guitar. Recommended for any musical style.

Pick standard

(dimensions +/- mm 0,05)

> rounded tip – standard size – extra thickness
Smooth attack and picking response, recommended for semi-hollow guitar and for both acoustic and electric bass.

Pick jumbo

(dimensions +/- mm 0,05)

> sharpened tip – compact size – standard thickness
Especially recommended for playing styles in which extreme picking speed and accuracy are required, on both acoustic and electric guitar.
(Also suitable for fast playing styles on small plucked instrument such as mandolin/ukulele etc.)

Pick micro

(dimensions +/- mm 0,05)

Note: The above indications are to be intended as generic choice guidelines, as benefits provided by different pick features can be very subjective, depending on your playing style and taste.
It is therefore strongly suggested to explore any ZeroPik™ model potential in different musical environments.